Clement Renault
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About Me

I help companies accelerate and develop new products. To so I promote a data-driven approach from market analysis to product roadmap and tech performance. Reach out to see how I can help your company!

I have been building technological products for over a decade and I strive at the intersection of Business, Product and Tech. I have previously worked on the A380 jet engine, designed and built autonomous systems for cargo ships and trucks, and automatically detected incidents from network data.

Previously, I obtained a Master's degree from Stanford University in applied mathematics with a strong focus on data science. During my time at Stanford I taught optimization to undergrads and performed data analyses for research on clinical data.

I also have a BSc in Operations Research from École des Ponts et Chaussées, France's oldest and one of the most reputable engineering schools. There, I also worked as a research intern at the applied mathematics lab where I created a decision model for cities facing flooding risk using Dynamic Programming.

My lifelong passion for flying has led me to get the French skydiving license. I also fly an RC plane in my free time and am looking forward to pass the PPL.


  • 2013

    Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees, BSc

    After high school I successfully got into one of the most prestigious French engineering schools, the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees. There I majored in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis on optimization and operations research.

  • 2013-2014


    I led the development of computational modeling methods for the injection and the sintering stages of Metal Injection Molding. I also participated in an internal innovation challenge in which I reached the final stage.

  • 2014-2015

    Stanford University, M.S.

    I got a Master of Science at Stanford where I focused my studies on data science and mathematical modeling. I was a Research Assistant working on data analysis and a Teaching Assistant for an Optimization class in the School of Engineering and at the Graduate School of Business (MBA students).

  • 2016 - 2017


    I worked as a data scientist at Nyansa. Nyansa provides unprecedented insights into network operations by focusing on in-depth analysis of end-users. Some of my public analyses can be found here and there.

  • 2017

    Starsky Robotics

    Starsky Robotics is building autonomous systems for trucks. I joined the team very early and led the behavior planning team (2 data scientists and me). We analyzed driving behavior and created algorithms that would allow for the trucks to drive autonomously on the highway.

  • Logo Shone

    2017 - 2019


    I co-founded Shone to bring autonomy to cargo ships. We went through YCombinator, raised over $4.5M in a seed round and got picked as Forbes 30 Under 30. I led the Product development and the commercialization of our solution. To do so I launched partnership deals with large OEMs and conducted sales pitches with C-level executives of leading shipping companies, among other things.

  • Logo THOHT

    2020 - current


    At THOHT I bring my experience to help companies launch and improve products. I advise companies ranging from logistics to e-banking. My focus is to leverage a quantitative approach to product development and growth.

  • Great
    To Come!


Online tools and technical papers
Interactive map of income distribution in Paris - December 2019
R • HTML • Leaflet

Live Analytics Dashboard - April 2016 (First version, updated regularly)
Big Data • R Shiny • JavaScript

Job Classification Based on LinkedIn Summaries - June 2015
Deep Learning • NLP • word2vec • Clustering

Social Dynamics on StackOverflow - December 2014
Statistical Analysis • Time Series • MapReduce

Stochastic viability of cities facing flooding risk - June 2013
Dynamic programming • Mathematical modeling


I strive at the intersection of Business, Product and Tech. My skills range from data science (Python, R, Spark, etc.) all the way to sales and marketing.

At Shone I led Product and Business Development. I built our first product offering and sold it to top shipping companies across the world.


I have led teams of engineers and data scientists for the last 3 years. I am comfortable defining or understanding the business requirements and communicating them to a technical team. Able to dive technically into even the most specialized topics, I also have a keen eye for UI/UX and always analyze the outputs through the business objectives.